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The design usually takes the form of an invention of equipment or the improvement of existing equipment. It is at this stage that the project manager meets with the client to identify his needs by gathering as much information as possible. Once the needs are identified, the team of drafters is put to good use in order to design, on the plan, the new industrial equipment, the improved equipment or the steel structure to build. It is in the design that the Sparta Industriel team identifies the right components to use, maximizes materials and increases their performance in terms of strength and durability. Once the design is complete, it is presented to the customer for approval before proceeding to the next step, manufacturing.


It is at this stage that the ingenuity of the machinery operators and welders unfolds. Whether it is the preparation of material by the oxycutting process, the perforation of holes in different types of materials, the cutting of steel, the welding of parts, the assembly and assembly of parts, the preparation of equipment according to the coating to be applied to steel, the project takes shape from A to Z in every detail. The rigor and professionalism of SPARTA's resources are at the heart of manufacturing.

At the manufacturing stage, SPARTA INDUSTRIEL uses renowned suppliers with whom the company has established sustainable business partnerships.

These subcontractors intervene in specific fields: parts machining, painting, hot-dip galvanizing and transport.


In addition to installing and implementing industrial equipment designed and manufactured in its workshop, the company also installs equipment built by other manufacturers at customers' premises.

SPARTA INDUSTRIEL also offers training and coaching to its customers' staff so that they are able to properly maintain the newly installed equipment. For customers who do not have sufficient resources, SPARTA INDUSTRIEL deploys an on-site team that will do the maintenance of the equipment on a regular or occasional basis.